Monday, January 6, 2014

The Benefits of Turmeric (Olena root)

I'm very fortunate to live in a place with such diverse and easily accessible natural medicines, provided by mother nature herself.
If there is one thing I've learned, it's that it's okay to be busy in our day to day lives, because that's our society in this day in age. However, it is CRUCIAL, now more than ever, to be able to stop and smell the roses. For the sake of your sanity and for the sake of your health.
You would be shocked at the healing potential that you are surrounded by

In this post, I feel the need to give a little shout out to Turmeric. 
It's used in a lot of Indian/Thai cooking, curries and curry powder, rice dishes, dyes, and even yellow mustard. It's reason why yellow mustard is yellow.
It grows like ginger does (same family), as a plant but is harvested for the rhizomes. The plant itself will grow and grow for a few months, and when it dies off, you'll be left with weird finger-like roots popping out of the ground and THIS is what you want.
It grows in a warm, humid environment.

As far as the benefits go, there are almost too many to list. The main reason I use it is for joint pain, when I had a problem with my leg after running with the wrong shoes, and when I have a cold.
The healing property is the curcumin, but it also contains other minerals like iron, potassium, and others.
It reduces inflammation -- hence, the use for joint pain. Therefore if you have issues with arthritis, cystic fibrosis, IBD, acne, etc.
Increases immunity, and cell growth (studies have shown it has been used to prevent cancer).
Stimulates the gall bladder in aiding with digestion -- detoxing.
Circulation -- lowering cholesterol.
It has also been shown to prevent Alzheimer's, prostate problems, artery plaque build up, etc.

You can take it in pill form, which I think is stupid because they sell the ground up turmeric powder in bulk at your local health food store or specialty spice store. Some places, you can buy the actual raw root, which is EVEN better! With a nub of an actual root, you can let it sit until it starts sprouting and grow it! That's the best part :)

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