Monday, July 16, 2012

Cherry Granola Parfait

Greek yogurt is packed with twice the amount of protein that regular yogurt has. It's low in sodium, carbs, and its very easy to digest. I LOVE it with any fruit, smoothie, with some cinnamon and agave syrup, or with some dill, cucumber and feta cheese to make a tzatziki sauce for Greek gyros and salads.

For breakfast I made a cherry and granola parfait (it's cherry season), layered with some agave in between. I topped it with a sprinkle of hemp seeds for a little extra protein and some greet omegas.

All you need is..

Cherries, pitted
Granola. I used pumpkin seed granola.
Plain Greek yogurt (fat free)
Agave syrup or honey to taste

Layer granola, fruit, yogurt, granola, fruit, yogurt, etc. (You get the idea)

And place in your favorite bowl or cup! I used a beer glass ;)

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