Monday, April 29, 2013

It's Flu Season!

For Christs sake it's always flu season. People are always sick. There's always "something" going around.
What will get you through a cold?

These bad boys.

Essiential Oils in general have relaxation effects on the body, calming our minds. Eucalyptus in specific is a natural decongestant! The smelling is almost like tea tree and is very strong but very nice and minty. The smell will flood your sinuses immediately, especially putting drops around in a steaming shower.

Oil of Oregano is AMAZING. Seriously. It is from the oregano herb (used in most Italian and Greek recipes) and this one I have pictured above in particular is from the Natural Factors brand. It's organic and with EVOO so it's not as pungent and easier to consume than pure oregano oil.
It promotes immunity because it's a natural germ killer and it's loaded with antioxidants. It's great for getting rid candida albicans infections/overgrowths or psoriasis because of this. Believe it or not but I read that people who have HIV/AIDS have taken it, bed ridden and unable to function, and have gotten out of bed weeks to months after consuming oil of oregano 3 times a daily.
As soon as you ingest it (I just drop it straight into the back of my mouth) and it feel a burst of energy and freshness! It also helps clear up mucus if you're congested!

Bio Zinc, but actually zinc by itself if crucial for producing natural killer cells, neutrophils and other white blood cells which function as immunity in the blood. This is what will directly get rid of your cold, it'll raise your immunity! 

But don't forget the importance of enough rest during a cold! This is the most important.

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