Wednesday, November 7, 2012

For the Love of Tahini

Not a big firm tofu fan.
I bought some to try this "vegan cheese" idea a friend of mine showed me. I'll show you in another post!
Anyway, I had half a block left... What to make for dinner...
Looked in my fridge and I had some tahini, and some really old miso that's rather questionable (but I reasoned with myself that it's fermented to begin with).
This recipe is stolen from work >:)

Tahini Miso Tofu Salad

5 oz super firm tofu
2 Tbsp tahini
1 Tbsp miso
1 Tbsp flax oil
~1/3 cup blanched kale
~1/3 cup fresh purple cabbage 
1 tsp honey**
sesame seeds for garnish

**I used honey to even out the saltiness of my miso. This isn't necessary if your miso isn't super salty like mine was.

First I cut the tofu into small, thin squares. You don't have to cut it like this, it's just how I did it. (It will taste the same cut into any fashion!)
Next I blanched the kale in some hot water, and immediately put it into ice cold water. It's important to not expose it to the hot water for too long because it will loose it's nutrients and become brown and gross. Putting it into ice water directly after will stop the cooking process.
Once I toweled off the kale from any excess water, I put it in a mixing bowl with the tofu, added the miso, tahini, flax oil, and purple cabbage. 
Make sure to mix thoroughly with your hands, you don't want any big clumps of miso!

Make sure to do a taste test! This will determine whether you'll need the honey (agave is okay too) or not.

I served it with some fresh Manoa lettuce from my yard and garnished with toasted sesame seeds. 

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